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Developer :
Astrolabe Interactive
Based in Montreal, Canada

Release date :
June 2020

Platforms :
PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Game Engine :

Genre :
Party brawler
1 – 4 players

Websites :
SYF on Kickstarter

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Sacrifice Your Friends is a chaotic party brawler set in the mysterious universe of HP Lovecraft with a funny and cartoonish look similar to Overcooked

For 1 to 4 players, in local or online, choose your character, use various weapons, battle your friends, grow your Cult and embrace insanity as you try to survive in a chaos of dangerously dynamic environments.

With an intuitive gameplay and approachable controls, Sacrifice Your Friends is a family-oriented games exploring the mythos of Lovecraft. Experiment madness with your friends and embark on this crazy journey in the world of Cthulhu!


Astrolabe Interactive, a Montreal-based game studio founded in 2018, is the mad project of Alexis Harvey and Manuel Bergeron, two game designers graduate of University of Montreal. Over time, the studio expanded with over fifteen talented team members, quickly causing the studio to overflow from Manuel’s living room into more permanent quarters. Sacrifice Your Friends, the studio’s debut title, is much like Astrolabe Interactive itself: friendly, inclusive… and a tad bit insane.

Key Features

  • When Cthulhu meets cartoon:
    Lovecraft universe with a cartoonish and funny twist!
  • Choose and grow your Cult:
    Every Cults have an Elder Gods with their own unique powers!
  • Unique catch-up system:
    Embrace madness and unleash devastating powers against your friends by transforming yourself into your Cult’s Great Old One.
  • Intuitive mechanics:
    Grab a weapon and push other players into whatever dangers you may find.
  • Dynamic Arenas:
    More than 20 unique and dangerous environments inspired by Lovecraft’s work.
  • Have fun with your friends:
    2 – 4 players with combined local/online multiplayer
  • No friends, no problem!
    Online matchmaking + Single player mode.
  • Coop Story mode
    Explore the mythos of HP. Lovecraft with your friends like never before! Overcome challenges and summon Old Ones !
  • Choose your character and fight:
    Dozens of characters customizations to unlock.


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Astrolabe Interactive is an independent game studio, located in Montreal, Canada. With our team of 17 talented young developers, we develop both video games and board games. Astrolabe produced 3 board games this year that will hit the market in 2020.

That being said, the bulk of our workforce is going into our video game, Sacrifice Your Friends as we focus on creating engaging experiences and accessible games.


  • Alexis Harvey –Co-founder, CTO, Head of production
  • Manuel Bergeron –Co-founder, CEO, Creative director 
  • Maxime Dusfrene –Lead programmer
  • Tommy Rousseau –Level Designer
  • Martin Pique –Concept artist
  • Olivier Boudet –Lead 3D artist
  • Dominique Son –3D artist, Character
  • Cyril Desoubrie –3D artist,  Environment
  • Baptiste Collay – 3D artist, Environment
  • Augustin Pelisson – 3D artist,  Environment
  • Dan Ravouna –Animator, Rig programmer
  • Jordan Partridge –Sound Designer
  • Habib Zekri – Music composer